Morley Home Brew Centre



We now have a basic site up & running, if you go to the top of the home page to the right & click on store you can see what we have in stock. 
It is not quite finished so there are no shortcuts to sub menus yet but you can get an idea of what we have in stock & prices.

Here at Morley Home Brew Centre we aim to stock everything for brewing your own, from beer and wine through to spirits & liqueurs.

We stock beer and cider kits for all budgets, working out at around 35p a pint for our budget range, and 65p a pint for premium kits. We have many popular brands to choose from such as Muntons, Coopers, Woodfords, Festival and St Peters. If you don’t fancy brewing from a kit we also have everything you need for all grain brewing including hops, grains and yeasts. Cider kits come in a range of flavours including classic apple, as well as various other fruity flavours.

We have a range of wine kits to provide for all budgets and styles of wine, from light bodied to full bodied wines, in reds, whites and rose. Our selection includes 4 week kits such as Kenridge and Beaverdale, also 7 day wine kits such as cellar 7 and solomon grundy. We sell both 6 bottle kits and 30 bottle kits, as well as equipment and chemicals for making wine from your own fruits and flowers.

We also stock a range of spirit and liqueur flavourings, from Still Spirits, Alcotec and Prestige. These include flavoured vodka’s, brandies, whiskies, etc. We have everything you need to make your own spirits and liqueurs.