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Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter

These are simply the best wine filters around. They are quick and easy to set up, well engineered and very effective in operation. Like all wine filters they work best when used to add a bright sparkle to an already clear wine, and not to clear the wine in the first place. The Mini Jet filter fitted with fine pads will run through 5 gallon of wine in about 15 minutes, and comes out with a brilliant shine. The fine pads, will produce a good balance of excellent clarity with a good volume. Do remember that no filter will clear a wine that is full of pectin, as this will just quickly block up the pores of the pads. It is a bit like passing wallpaper paste through a sieve!

The Buon Vino website, www.buonvino.com, provides more information on these products and also some useful tips on how to use them.

Self-priming pump with incorporated electric motor.

A filtering surface of 465 square cm.

A filtering time of about 15 minutes per 23 litres.

3 Grades of pads, coarse, polishing and sterile.

Built in drip tray.