magnum elderflower cider

Elderflower. kit contains 1.7kg of grape concentrate with elderflower extract and unusually, comes with instructions to make either cider or wine. If you prefer to make wine with this kit you will need additional items that are not included ie. wine yeast & nutrient, finings & a stabiliser.It will need the addition of 1.3kg of sugar to produce 23 litres of cider with an ABV of 6%. It will need the addition 3.5kg of sugar to produce 23 litres of medium dry apple wine with an ABV of 11.6%.The kit comes with a sachet of cider/flavour yeast. It also includes a elderflower flavour sachet which should be added to the cider but as it may produce too strong an elderflower flavour the amount would be best added according to personal taste.