maris otter 1kg

Traditionally floor malted barley, all of our grains come from Thos, fawcett's our famouse local Maltings. Maris Otter (MO) is a 2 row winter barley.

Pale Malt (MO) is the main ingredient of English Pale Ales and Bitters, but a high proportion is used in the production of most other English beer styles. 

It is fully modified and has been kilned at a low temperature for a long period to reduce its moisture content to about 3%. Pale malt has good diastatic activity, and so it can be used to assist in the conversion of a certain amount of non-diastatic grist. Several varieties of barley are used with MO, but traditionally it is the most highly prized as it is a very forgiving variety, providing a good flavour and extract.

EBC. 4.5