peco Electrim digital Mashing Bin and Boiler

A microprocessor controlled Beermaker’s Mashing Bin and Boiler.

The remote control unit has a digital display where the desired temperature can be set within the range 0-100 °C with incremental adjustments in 1°C steps. The liquid warms to this set temperature which is then maintained, whilst the display shows the current sensor temperature in real time.32 litre capacity, 240v, 2.4Kw.Includes, Digital Control Module, Sensor Tube. Simple fitting instructions. Ideal for use as an Hot Liquor Tun or as part of the BIAB System. a separate source of sparge water will be required. To achieve a mash the mashing & sparging bag is recommended. To minimise hops blocking the rear of the tap either a hop boiling bag or a strainer is recommended.